Co-founder Dennis Wong Says YOR Health Offers Energy, Weight Loss, and More

Cathy-TienAt 30 years old, Cathy Tien found herself unable to keep up with her young daughter. Between a terrible diet, an unfortunate smoking habit, and depression, Cathy’s life was falling apart, and her health was the first to go. Dennis Wong of YOR Health shares Cathy’s story of health and healing.

Q: What life event triggered Cathy’s depression?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Cathy married young and had a daughter. She and her husband lived an active and healthy life until he was killed in a car accident. After that, Cathy felt alone in the world. With a daughter to raise and no one to support her emotionally, Cathy turned to food and cigarettes for comfort. Continue reading

Dennis Wong: YOR Health Stops “Weighting” Game for NJ Man

Chester-LeungFor the better part of his life, Chester Leung played dangerous games with his health, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health co-founder Wong explains that Chester was on a pendulum from obese to underweight, with no in between. This constant roller coaster left Chester unhealthy from the inside out. Here, Wong explains how Chester’s physical health wasn’t the only part of him that suffered.

Q: How is it possible to go from one weight extreme to the other?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: In Chester’s case, it was his food intake, or the lack thereof. He was a heavy child growing up, topping out at 220 pounds by his 18th birthday. As a teenager and young adult, Chester would binge diet and workout constantly. While he really did not have issues losing the weight, he was so unhealthy when he was thin that his family became concerned for his life. Continue reading

Dennis Wong and YOR Health Spotlight Angely Rojas

Angely-RojasAngely Rojas was a slim young woman from the Bronx. An avid runner, Angely never put much thought into her weight. At a petite 5’1”, Angely weighed in at a healthy 103 to 113 pounds throughout her teen years. However, according to Dennis Wong of YOR Health, that all changed in college.

Q: Did Angely suffer from the dreaded “Freshman 15?”

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Now, Angely didn’t gain a pound her freshman year. It was later in college when her unhealthy lifestyle caught up with her. By graduation, she weighed 123 pounds. While that might sound like a dream come true for many women, that’s 20 pounds heavier than Angely’s frame was accustomed to. She wasn’t happy about her body and she knew she needed to make a change. Continue reading

Dennis Wong and YOR Health Help College Student Regain Control of Health

Kevin-CummingsDennis Wong says YOR Health isn’t just about weight loss. Losing weight is but one side effect of putting real nutrition into the body. Kevin Cummings, a college student from New York, recently found out just exactly how important this is. Here, Wong explains Kevin’s plight and the fight for his health.

Q: Was Kevin Cummings an overweight child?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: No, actually. Kevin says he was fairly lean throughout high school. His weight was never really something that affected his daily life. He played sports and stayed active all the time. It wasn’t until Kevin started college that he saw his waistline start to expand. Continue reading

Q & A with Dennis Wong: YOR Health Customer Vows to Stay Out of XL Clothing

Shawn-RamdassBronx resident Shawn Ramdass grew up a scrawny kid in a large West Indian family that loved to cook. This access to food finally caught up with Shawn when he hit his mid-20s. Once he had to buy a size 40 in pants, Ramdass knew he had to make a change. In the following brief discussion, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, shares Shawn’s story of trial and triumph.

Q: What supplements did Shawn Ramdass try before discovering the YOR Health line?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Shawn tried everything! He even resorted to using drugstore brand supplements after what he found in his local nutrition center failed to yield results. Continue reading

Dennis Wong and YOR Health Team up to Bring “Champ” Back

Dennis Wong YOR HealthChamp Morgan went from being late for work nearly every day to being on top of his game from sunrise to sunset. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health helped this Bronx native regain his game by fueling his body.

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, says there are few people with a story as inspiring as Champ Morgan’s. Morgan, a hard-working young professional, struggled for years with low energy and constant fatigue. He would often find himself dozing on the subway and arrive late for work, or miss altogether. It was after such a disheartening experience that Champ decided he needed to find a solution to his overwhelming lack of energy.

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Dennis Wong | YOR Health Customer Loses 20 Pounds in Two Months

Dennis Wong YOR HealthKurt Higgins is lean and ready to tackle the challenges of the day, thanks to Dennis Wong and YOR Health. But that wasn’t always the case. Read on for Kurt’s story.

Kurt Higgins battled his weight throughout his teen and early adult years. He was never obese but, despite his best efforts at the gym, couldn’t shrink his stomach. Kurt felt self-conscious about his body and that led him to try dangerous fad diets, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains that Kurt tried everything he could, including eating nothing but chicken and broccoli for weeks on end. However, he was always hungry and would eventually succumb to carb cravings and wind up heavier than before.

The Westbury, New York, native tried to hide his gut under clothes, but the constant effort to shroud his body took a toll on Kurt. He began to feel like there was no hope. Then, according to Dennis Wong, YOR Health made a timely appearance when Kurt was at his lowest point. Kurt reluctantly ordered the YOR Health YOR CompleteBurn and YOR Shake, believing it was just another hyped up group of supplements with more branding than scientific backing. After a few weeks Kurt began to feel better, but he didn’t say anything to anyone. Within two months, he had lost 20 pounds and couldn’t keep quiet, reports Dennis Wong. YOR Health had given Kurt visible results, even around his waistline.

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