Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder, Spotlights Customer Fermin Meza

Dennis Wong YOR HealthFermin Meza learned to walk away from the “Big T” diet thanks to YOR Health. The El Monte, California, man grew up eating traditional Mexican fare, not realizing that his home cooked meals might be unhealthy. Here, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, opens up about Meza’s experience with YOR Shake, YOR Essential Vitamins, and other YOR Health products.

Q: What health problems did Fermin Meza experience before turning to YOR Health for help?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Fermin started gaining weight shortly after his teenage years. He wasn’t obese, but was starting to feel uncomfortable about his expanding mid-section. This extra weight made Fermin feel tired and anxious all the time. He wasn’t sure what was causing his clothes to fit tighter since he wasn’t doing anything differently. 

Q: What is the “Big T” diet? 

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Fermin jokes that he ate nothing but tacos, tortillas, tostadas, and tamales for most of his life. He calls this his “Big T” diet. Fermin grew up in a traditional Mexican family where food and dining was essential to his community. Everyone ate the way he did, so he never considered that he might be harming his body.

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Dennis Wong YOR Health Customer Spotlight

Dennis Wong YOR HealthJulia S. Hwang overcame her most embarrassing issues with YOR Probiotics and other products. Here, Dennis Wong of YOR Health shares Julia’s secret.

Q: How did Julia’s diet hurt her body? 

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Julia has always been a very picky eater. She also didn’t like to drink water. This combination of chronic dehydration and eating only certain food groups left the young woman constipated and bloated all the time.

Q: Did Julia’s digestive issues affect her daily life?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Absolutely. Julia always felt sluggish, tired, and unhappy. It started to affect her social life and even her job. Just when she thought all hope was lost, a good friend convinced Julia to give YOR Health products a try.

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John Zhong Credits Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and Tim Brown for Getting “Back” to Normal

Dennis Wong YOR HealthTim Brown, former NFL player and nutrition advocate, is one of YOR Health’s most outspoken supporters, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health events across the country have featured Brown’s testimonial about YOR Repair. It was one of these seminars that led John Zhong, a New York native, to try YOR Repair after suffering a devastating back injury.

Q: How did John Zhong hurt his back?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: John played ball in high school and suffered his first injury then. He recovered after three weeks of agony. When he was 20, John experienced the same type of injury while working out. He was doing a deadlift when his back “snapped.” The pain shot down through his spine and radiated all over. He was terrified of another nearly month-long recovery.

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Dennis Wong: YOR Health Offers Education to Customers

Dennis Wong YOR HealthDennis Wong says YOR Health is much more than a nutritional supplement provider. He believes the most important thing he can provide to YOR Health customers is information. Here, Wong briefly discusses customer Jessica Haar and how this Cincinnati, Ohio, woman benefited from her newly-acquired understanding of the body.

Q: How did Jessica’s upbringing affect her diet?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Jessica was raised by her young single father, a grandfather, and two uncles. Being the lone young lady in a house full of men, Jessica ate the way they did. She ate burgers, fries, and anything else that was put in front of her. Her dad rarely had time for full meals and there was absolutely no conversation about nutrition.

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Lisa Chang Finds Health, Reports Dennis Wong of YOR Health

Dennis Wong YOR HealthLisa Chang from Lowell, MA, was introduced to YOR Health at the end of her junior year in college, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health customer has since regained the heath she did not know was lost and learned to appreciate the value of real nutrition.

Q: What health issues convinced Lisa to try YOR Health?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Lisa wasn’t necessarily concerned with her health – it was her skin that had her worried. The young woman suffered from breakouts and oily skin during much of her teenage years. As she entered adulthood, her skin only got worse. When a friend told her about YOR Health YOR Digest Ultra, YOR Essential Vitamins, and YOR Repair Ultra, Lisa thought it was worth a shot to see if poor nutrition had anything to do with her skin problems.

Q: How bad were Lisa’s eating habits?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Lisa was very petite at just 115 pounds. Because of this, she never really worried about her diet. She ate greasy foods – her favorites were chicken fingers and quesadillas – and consumed sodas whenever she wanted. Some days, Lisa ate just one meal and never really considered what she was doing to her body.

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Dennis Wong, YOR Health, Spotlight Linda Chum

Dennis Wong YOR HealthFood was an integral part of Linda Chum’s childhood, says Dennis Wong. The YOR Health co-founder explains that Linda’s love of food, however, became a thing of fear around the age of nine, when constant bloating and stomach pains began. After each meal, Linda’s stomach would distend and the rumbling in her gut signaled pain was imminent.

Dennis Wong of YOR Health says Linda’s family told her the gas and tummy upset were normal. Linda felt differently and finally asked to see a doctor. As it turned out, Linda, whose favorite foods were milk and cereal and milk and cookies, was lactose intolerant. Linda soon restricted all dairy from her diet, but the stomach issues persisted. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health brand probiotics and digestive enzymes were exactly what Linda needed to sooth her stomach.

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Dennis Wong, YOR Health, Spotlight Ben Wilson

Dennis Wong YOR HealthBen Wilson, a young man from Cincinnati, Ohio, says that sleep used to be an issue. Falling asleep wasn’t the problem, but staying awake was nearly impossible during the day.

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health customer Ben Wilson used to be the butt of his friends’ jokes. They would remind him to stay awake while driving, eating, and in class. Everyone thought it was funny – everyone except for Ben, that is. He tried every energy drink on the market but they only made him even more slow, sluggish, and sleepy.

It wasn’t until he confided in a close friend about his inability to stay awake that Ben found a solution. According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health YOR Digest Ultra enzyme capsules have worked from the inside out to give Ben the energy he always needed. Ben takes one capsule 3 to 5 times a day – a few more if he’s having a large meal – and that helps his body properly utilize the nutrients from his food.

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