A Dozen Days, A Dozen Ways to Show Your Stuff, Says Dennis Wong, YOR Health

Dennis Wong YOR Health‘Tis the Season and YOR Health jumped into the Holiday Spirit with the #YOR12DAYS giveaway.

Q: What is #YOR12DAYS?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: #YOR12DAYS is a brand new YOR Health Instagram campaign that allows customers and IRs to show off the things that make the season so bright. It’s easy to enter; all it takes is a hashtag and creative mind. Each day for the first twelve days of December, Instagram users can tag #YOR12DAYS on their themed photo – the theme changes every day. Each post is good for one entry into a drawing for a free Core Challenge Set.

Q: How many entries may I submit?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: There is no limit to the number of times that any one person can enter. And, the same photo may be submitted multiple days as long as it correlates to that days’ theme. The only catch is that you can only win once!

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Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder Reports 2014 YOR Health Annual Conference Unlike Any Other

Dennis Wong YOR HealthThe annual YOR Health Conference is credited with serving as a turning point in the career of countless YOR Health members. Below, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder,  talks about highlights from the recent 2014 YOR Health conference and explains how members benefited by attending this event.

Q: The 2014 YOR Health Annual Conference took place in July. What did attendees take away from this event?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder: This year’s conference was an amazing event. We had great guest speakers and attendees were able to take away a hand full of sales tools, knowledge and inspiration. The conference is a wonderful platform for rapid personal growth.

Q: Who were this year’s guest speakers?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder: We had a star-studded line-up of speakers. This year’s speakers included some of the biggest names in politics, athletics, the fitness industry, business and science. Our guest speakers truly inspire and motivate attendees.

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Dennis Wong YOR Health | Explanation of Three Elements of Happiness

Dennis WongFrom his humble beginnings in the slums of Hong Kong, Dennis Wong has risen miles above the threshold of poverty to be one of the most noted and successful Chinese entrepreneurs on the West Coast. His company, YOR Health, has helped countless people across the globe gain financial independence and greater health. Today, he shares his thoughts on the three pillars of creating Happiness.

What is happiness?

While this question has plagued philosophers for centuries, happiness is really a simple concept, says Dennis Wong. According to Dennis Wong, happiness is defined by each individual. However, he believes the basic formula is health, wealth and self-awareness. Illustrating this point, Dennis Wong explains that people are rarely unhappy when they are comfortable in their surroundings, physically well, and in the presence of those they love and whom they know love them back.

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YOR Health Founder Dennis Wong Answers Questions about Network Marketing

Dennis WongFor many individuals the decision to own a business is a life changing experience that requires a strong dedication to success and a huge financial commitment. Network marketing – becoming an Independent Representative for an existing company – is a viable alternative that typically allows considerably more flexibility than traditional entrepreneurship.

Q. Are there risks and fees associated with network marketing?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: In most cases there is a small start-up fee – This can be recovered with hard work and dedication.

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Q&A with Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Nothing Stops an Individual from Getting to the Top

Dennis WongAmidst one of the most devastating economic downturns of this century, many companies have struggled just to stay afloat. Visions faltering with each economic hit, more and more businesses are crumbling without their goals to anchor them, notes YOR Health founder Dennis Wong. In this brief Q&A, Dennis Wong offers some thoughts on what makes YOR Health successful.

Q: What does “having a vision” mean to you?

Dennis Wong: To have a vision is to have both the motivation and a destination to where you are going. Having a vision allows you to make the right choices and plan for the future in the best way possible. In short, your vision is your dream—the light at the end of the tunnel, your motivation to keep fighting for what you believe in.

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Dennis Wong Promotes the YOR Health Best Body Challenge

Dennis WongDennis Wong is the co-founder of YOR Health, a company based in Irvine, Calif., that offers nutritional products to an international clientele. In 1968, Dennis came to the United States with his family in search of a better life, leaving behind crowded government housing in a densely populated area of Hong Kong. A self-made millionaire, Dennis Wong has achieved the American dream.

Q: You studied electrical engineering, then established a successful real estate career, and eventually moved into marketing. Now the health industry is your business focus—that seems an unusual path to take. What led you to change directions from engineering to business to health?

Dennis Wong: Two things motivated me. My health began to fail, and I didn’t want to let down the people who depended on me for employment. After a lot of hard work and countless research hours, my sister and I partnered with the premier product development manufacturer and co-founder of the largest direct-sales nutritional company in the world. At the risk of sounding trite, it was a match made in heaven.

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Dennis Wong Explains YOR Health’s Success

Dennis WongYOR Health is nutrition for the future, says founder Dennis Wong. The company offers health and nutrition products ranging from vitamins and supplements to potent meal replacement powders. YOR Health has been helping people reclaim their lives since its inception in 2008.

A clear vision

According to Dennis Wong, YOR Health was founded out of necessity. After experiencing some disconcerting health complications himself, Wong knew he needed a way to get himself back on track. This deeply personal connection to the products has given Wong and the entire leadership team real-world experience using the products and thus a clear vision on how to best communicate the company’s message.

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